as some of you are aware I am still trying to piece together an HTPC (yes if I had a penny for every minute spent researching I could by a Porsche now) another point has crept to mind.

Is there mobo that can do sound via hdmi and via spdif simultaneously? Or via one of those twin optical co-ax adaptors at the same time, reason is that my amp does not have hdmi switching and I would like to route the sound to the tv and the amp as simply as possible, ie usually use tv speakers but for movie just mute them and turn amp up.

asus spdif out adaptor,

also will that adaptor or a similar one work on something like the asrock full hd nvidia amd board: http://www.asrock.com/mb/overview.as...0R3.0&s=AM2%2b


PS all in linux of course