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Thread: Python 3.0 "Python 3000" Released

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    Looking in distrowatch it seems no distribution ships python 3.0 yet
    I guess its likely that 3.0 binary will be /usr/bin/python3 then? and old scripts will be calling /usr/bin/python like before. Nobody will go and change shebangs of zillion old scripts and programs

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    I spoke to a few gentoo dev's on IRC a couple of nights ago w.r.t. to this and the gentoo philosophy is going the other way

    /usr/bin/python will symlink against the latest python /usr/bin/python -> /usr/bin/python3.0 (its not yet, still at py2.5)

    All python libs that go into pythons site-packages are automatically taken care of

    Scripts shall have their shebang sed'ed during emerge

    The only big unknown is for libs that install outside of site-package (they aint to sure what todo with these)

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