As the title says, Im looking for a good linux distro that is both light and portable, like by the means of running from a liveCD with the option of installing it to a HD, but feature-full enough for development. The reason why i dont want to go for the big popular distros like ubuntu or opensuse, etc, is that theyre too heavy, need lots of HD, and I need something i can carry around in a USB flash drive. Yet, i want a distro that has full gcc/g++ framework to compile my own executables. I tried a few, and so far i came up with several that were more or less good at that. Slax, which is slackware-based, runs with KDE, Antix, mepis based, uses fluxbox, and Wolvix, based in Slackware too runs Gnome. All 3 of these have their pros and cons.

So anyone would care to suggest a good distro with traits like those?