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Thread: ATI Radeon 3200 HD + Phenom 2.3 + Gigabyte w/ 780G chipset + Ubuntu

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    Default ATI Radeon 3200 HD + Phenom 2.3 + Gigabyte w/ 780G chipset + Ubuntu

    I bought a Gigabyte motherboard with onboard graphics running Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex, here are the specs:

    Gigabyte MA78GM-S2H
    2gb CORSAIR XMS2
    AMD Phenom 2.3ghz 9600

    The mobo has ATI Radeon 3200 HD graphics. I have a LCD HDTV, 1080p, set at 1920x1080. Everything worked after I corrected for underscanning, but it is choppy esp. if I enable Advanced desktop effects and want to watch a movie. My laptop has Intel's IGP and it works FLAWLESSLY WITH the advanced desktop settings enabled in Ubuntu, same version, and I didn't have to tweak xorg.conf on my laptop. I have tweaked xorg.conf on my desktop machine, but it didn't help, here is my conf file:

    # xorg.conf (X.Org X Window System server configuration file)
    # This file was generated by dexconf, the Debian X Configuration tool, using
    # values from the debconf database.
    # Edit this file with caution, and see the xorg.conf manual page.
    # (Type "man xorg.conf" at the shell prompt.)
    # This file is automatically updated on xserver-xorg package upgrades *only*
    # if it has not been modified since the last upgrade of the xserver-xorg
    # package.
    # Note that some configuration settings that could be done previously
    # in this file, now are automatically configured by the server and settings
    # here are ignored.
    # If you have edited this file but would like it to be automatically updated
    # again, run the following command:
    # sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg

    Section "ServerLayout"
    Identifier "aticonfig Layout"
    Screen 0 "Default Screen" 0 0
    Option "AIGLX" "on"

    Section "Files"

    Section "Module"
    Load "glx"

    Section "Monitor"
    Identifier "Configured Monitor"

    Section "Device"

    #Option "OpenGLOverlay" "off"
    #Option "UseFastTLS" "1"
    #Option "BackingStore" "on"
    Identifier "Configured Video Device"
    Driver "fglrx"
    Option "EnableMonitor" "crt1,lvds,tv,tmds1,crt2,tmds2,cv,tmds2i"
    #Option "VideoOverlay" "off"
    Option "TexturedVideo" "on"
    #Option "TexturedVideoSync" "on"
    BusID "PCI:1:5:0"

    Section "Screen"
    Identifier "Default Screen"
    Device "Configured Video Device"
    Monitor "Configured Monitor"
    DefaultDepth 24


    If the laptop didn't function so well, then I would have never bought a motherboard with integrated graphics. It seems I made a poor choice with AMD and ATI, I should have built an Intel Core2Duo with integrated Intel graphics, I suppose, but I couldn't resist a $100 Phenom CPU. Did I just get what I paid for, or should this ATI IGP be able to play a movie without choppiness? Am I doing something wrong? Seems there is alot of help on the web for this chipset/IGP combo, but none of it actually works. I'm ready to concede I made a poor choice, this is my last ditch effort. Intel from now on for me.


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    Getting compiz to work with Xv/OpenGL is still hit or miss on just about any hardware. Your milage may vary. I would advise not using compiz (turning off desktop effects) for general use yet. The drivers still aren't there. Rumor has it that ATI is actually working on this issue, and should have a driver out in early 2009 that should solve the compositing issues.

    I believe that there is also an option somewhere to turn off compositing on full-screen windows (which would fix the performace issue for full-screen videos), but perhaps I'm mixing up something else.

    Also, open source support for these chips is coming soon (as soon as they can get the code through IP review to release).

    I would stick with ATI. Your IGP is far superior hardware to anything Intel makes. (I'm actually not sure how you compiz+Xv working on intel, either, it doesn't work on any stable drivers that I know of yet.) Yes, the drivers are still playing catch-up, but the fact of the matter is that they *are* catching up.
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    Thanks for the quick reply. I just want to use the PC for movies and internet. I have turned off desktop effects, but I still get very slight choppiness when playing back DVDs. I was going to buy an ATI 4650, but think I should just wait. I've given enough to them as it is without fully benefitting from them, and don't want to be disappointed further.

    The laptop is a 1.6 c2d with 1 gb ram and intel igp with desktop effects at the max with the cube enabled, and it can play a dvd with no hesitation whatsoever.

    I'm thinking the difference in resolution may be the breaking point, b/c the laptop is just 1280x800 (14.1 widescreen). 1920x1080 may be too much for the ATI 3200 HD with linux drivers, esp with desktop effects enabled.

    Thanks again <patiently waiting for new drivers>

    btw, is there somewhere to donate to encourage the development of drivers? Not that I would spring into action and give a quick $20, but I'd consider it if those involved where as dedicated as those who make Ubuntu.

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    hmmm...that's interesting. Yes the resolution might make a difference, but the 3200 should be plenty fast to do Xv for 1920x1080. You ought to even be able to play games.

    What media player are you using? If it supports it, you might want to use OpenGL for the output, because that typically works better on the binary drivers (the OpenGL stack is shared with ATI's Windows drivers, so it's roughly equally fast on both platforms, whereas the texturedvideo implementation is in need of some love.)

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    Just a thought but have you looked in your bios to see how much memory is being shared ? Perhaps there is a setting where you could bump it up a bit to help drive the higher monitor resolution.
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