I've been assigned to spec out a computer for our company, and I thought I would come on here to get some opinions.

Firstly, this is the build I'm looking for:

- Xeon/Opteron CPU
- Chassis that supports 16x s-ata hotswappable hdd's
- 4-8gigs of DDR ram with ECC
- Motherboard which supports Dual CPU
- a raid controller
- a reliable power supply

I need to do a few builds, and be able to explain what the pro's and con's of each are in comparison to the other. Please, keep in mind that we are not building this server to be CPU intensive, but mainly as a big hard drive.

This is what I have so far:

SuperChassis 836TQ-R800V
Quad-Core E5410 2.33GHz 1333MHz 771pin 12MB
Supermicro X7DBN Motherboard
3ware 9650SE-16ML Raid Controller
2GB DDR2 677 fully buffered ecc (x2/4)

AMD Opteron 2350 'Barcelona'