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Thread: Multi-monitor setup problem / screen rotation broken?

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    Default Problem with multi-monitor setup

    Greeting folks,

    I am having difficulty getting a multi-monitor setup running on my machine with two ATI video cards. My main monitor is hooked up to an ATI X1950 XTX video card alongside a smaller side monitor, while another side monitors is hooked up to an ATI HD X2400 XT video card.

    With the fglrx 8.12 driver, I can get three separate screens running - each with their own separate menu & task bar (no spanning, no xinerama) but unfortunately the biggest issue I am facing is that I can't get the side screen to rotate to portrait orientation with either the fglrx driver or the opensource ones and I can't get one seamless desktop something the good old but slow Xinerama or better yet a MergedFB or the likes setup.

    If I enable randr with the aticonfig utility (aticonfig --set-pcs-str="DDX,EnableRandr12,TRUE"), I can't even get the X server to start and the only way to get X working again is to copy over the original default ati db (still the case with the most recent drivers).

    There is no working rotation on either of the opensource drivers (radeonhd v1.2.4 & radeon v6.10) not to mention a host of other problems.

    Under Winblows, everything just works - rotated screens, desktop spanning all three monitors, can drag windows across, decent speed, no flickering, etc.
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