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I just tried out KDE 4 on OpenSuse 11.1 and it made me cry. I was disappointed by openSUSE's choice to jump onto the Ubuntu ease-of-use bandwagon. All the options that I came to know and love in KDE 3.5 are now gone with 4. While Linux should be easy for new users, making it more difficult and dumbed down for experienced users isn't the answer. I know you can still install 3.5 atm but that will not be the case in the next release.

This is more of a gripe at KDE4 but Opensuse is pushing it as its new standard. Thats my 2 cents....
Hey KDE 3.5 is no longer being maintained. 3.5.10 is the final release of it. Nothing much the openSUSE guys can do about that.