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Read the CodingStyle and ManagementStyle docs from a kernel release.
They actually make pretty good reading
Hey, I never thought of that! Interesting, I will check it out, thanks!

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I see you live in Groningen, nice city I live there to.
Yeah I really like it too, quite fond of the people and ambiance

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Pascal experience?, was this turbo pascal or delphi or just pascal?
I did both Pascal and Turbo Pascal, but mostly the former, so no real OO experience in Pascal.

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In general: better not start with a reference manual or worse a visual oriented programming book, both have a high level of bullshit info and consume to much of your time. There is a reason no school ever uses either of these two types.
I actually got "Programming, Principles and Practice Using C++" from Bjarne Stroustrup in the mail yesterday (finally!) and just gotten started in it (read the introductional chapters), will post back if I get to the hands-on section, but so far their practical no BS style looks appealing! I'm quite swamped with work lately, so it could take a while tough...