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Thread: Triple Head on 4850 X2 with XInerama

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    it wasn't 3D support I was going for, just having multiple displays on one X session. I would prefer to not have to use big desktops, since one of the four monitors is a different resolution, but if I have to settle for 3 monitors, I'd be fine.

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    Hmmm... in looking over your xorg the only thing I see out of the ordinary is you havenet configured the ID's for the screens on dev 0... and you appear to have redundant listings for devs 0 and 1... (PCI:7:0:0 and PCI:8:0:0) not sure what buss ID screens 1 for those should have but currently they are pointing at the same output... so by this YES you SHOULD only have two working displays... but they should be on opposing sides of the card and not on the same side...

    I'll need some time to look this one over.

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