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Thread: GNOME 2.25.3 Released A Week Late

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    Default GNOME 2.25.3 Released A Week Late

    Phoronix: GNOME 2.25.3 Released A Week Late

    It's arriving a week late, but GNOME 2.25.3 is now available. GNOME 2.25.3 is the third development release in the series leading up to the release of GNOME 2.26 in March...

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    "Weather Applet:
    - Use NetworkManager signals and check the weather when the network
    comes back up (Matthias Clasen)."

    Yay. Always bugged me that it's not smart to check as soon as I'm online.
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    gnome-volume-control will be replaced with a PulseAudio mixer
    No, thank you. Why is GNOME assuming that everyone wants to run PulseAudio? Other variants of UNIX use GNOME (e.g. Solaris and BSD) and these OS's (wisely) use OSS (OpenSound System).

    Oh well, at least Xfce is still agnostic when it comes to sound API's.

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