Hi all,
I am running Ubuntu 8.10 with ATI fglrx version 8.54.3 on an ASUS motherboard with onboard ATI Radeon HD3200.

My problem is that, depending on which TV I connect to with HDMI, either the motherboard or Ubuntu does not always "turn on" the HDMI connection. One one TV, I need to have the TV tuned to HDMI before turning the system on, else when I change to HDMI input the TV finds no signal. On the other TV, no matter what order in which I turn on the TV, the TV does not recognize that HDMI has output coming through it (however, other HDMI-based components output perfectly fine to this TV)

Does anyone know:
1.) Is this a problem with the motherboard or the operating system?
2.) Based on the answer to #1, how can I solve it? Is there a way to "force" HDMI to be on at all times (since I know I will only connect with it)?

Thanks in advance.