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That's got to stink.
Nah, not really, just a fact of life.

Well it is worth it Africa is a beautiful place. Have you even seen Farcry 2? They got the bushveldt pretty good, except the foilage is much more sparse, and largish trees tend to only ever grow on the egde of a river/stream.
LOL, when I went to Brazil last year, I was disgusted at how wet it was :P

Jokes aside, I have to say Svartalf, that thread of yours about the ports, explaining how the game industry actually works, well, THAT did probably more good to the Linux gaming industry than a whole lot of advertising could ever do.

Us Linux users tend to be the more rational(cynical?) types, so we need to understand the issue. Hype, as in most advertising, doesn't do good.

I wonder if an "awareness campaign" would do any good?