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Thread: Phorogit HOWTO?

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    Default Phorogit HOWTO?

    OK, maybe I'm just blind and stupid, but I can't find the Sticky/Readme/FAQ/HOWTO that describes how to use the files on Phorogit...

    I found this message that lets me pull the latest files to my computer (, but how do I combine them with the files created by the file?

    Especially Fedora-specific help (like: do I need to build rpms) would be appreciated. Thanks a lot.

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    Taken from my script - set DRIVER, DISTRIB_ID and DISTRIB_CODENAME correctly before! VER needs to be set, but it is not really importantant if it is the correct version. For Debian/Ubuntu my script has automatic update feature using the -u option.

    rm -rf fglrx-install
    sh $DRIVER --extract fglrx-install
    cd fglrx-install
    wget -qO- ""|tar zxv
    rm -rf packages
    mv -v fglrx-packaging packages
    bash $VER --buildpkg $DISTRIB_ID/$DISTRIB_CODENAME
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    Ah, looks easy... I'll try it when I get home.

    Thanks a lot, Kano!

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