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Thread: VIA Releases Chrome 9 Series DRM

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    Default VIA Releases Chrome 9 Series DRM

    Phoronix: VIA Releases Chrome 9 Series DRM

    A month ago VIA had published 2D and 3D documentation (along with video register guides) for some of their newer IGPs and they had also announced a partnership with the OpenChrome project. As we have come to find out, some OpenChrome developers are under NDA with VIA Technologies already and they'll be looking at improving their ASIC support, delivering RandR 1.2 support, and making other fundamental improvements to this open-source VIA X.Org driver...

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    this is good news. but as a realistic point of view (of a end user), this is good news only if a working driver comes out for Ubuntu 9.04. of course I mentioned Ubuntu just as an example.

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    Oooh, and suddenly VIA chippery based MiniITX boards for the living room become appealing again...

    Just need one with hardware h264 decode, HDMI out and digital audio out. 8)~


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    It looks more like a netbook target going by the objectives...

    And it is a good thing, given the lack of any AMD presence so far.

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