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Thread: AMD Releases Open-Source R600/700 3D Code

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    Well said!

    Exactly, and in fact it's needed much more than mpeg2 acceleration (XvMC). Problem is, we need 3d and Xv and a suitable API before H264 can be accelerated in the open drivers. We also need power management, because watching a video with your GPU howling is no fun.

    Not joking about the last part, either: my severely underclocked 4850 card consumes ~65W with RadeonHD vs ~30W with Catalyst when idle. This translates to a fan speed of ~4000RPMs (intolerable) vs ~2000RPMs (barely tolerable). (Yes, I'm going to add a big bad piece of copper and silence it, but the difference is significant.)
    if your trying to justify needing PM,Xv etc before we can get assisted video decode etc working ,No we dont, its assumed after reading here and doom9, that just like the nvcuvid library API part of cuda that doesnt use anything other than the blackbox ASIC VP2 (400 MHz powered VP2 Logic),that ATI's blackbox ASIC UVD ??Mhz ! does virtually the same low power drain and so uses virtually no power to access and use its potential just sat there idel or going full wack FIFO.

    OC people seem to think it doesnt matter right now and thats a massive ATI beancounter mistake for the long term as the word of mouth PR gravy train spreads and moves away from all things ATI video related.

    as NV seem to have put their beancounters in check on this easy assisted decoding/encoding matter, and are working really hard full stream ahead to push their Blackbox VP2 Logic VP2 Logic to any and all devs closed and open right now, it appears ATi wont have anything for you for at least months if your an open dev wanting to use and advocate UVD Logic today at least....

    VP2 Logic:
    CoreAVC, AVCNV,FFMPEG etc....

    UVD Logic:
    AVIVO encoder, no not really, as currenty thats still only using the CPU for its encoding.
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