tell that "It was made 'unrippable'" to the people ripping them right now, as their only option is to transcode the HD AVC/AAC inside the BR transport streams into another container for playback on the devices they have.....
I don't get what you are trying to say... the reason for hd acceleration is watching / transcoding ripped movies?

Popper, I think we all agree that hd acceleration is important and should be implemented in the not-too-far future. However, right now there's much bigger fish to fry in the open drivers.

I really, really don't see a problem here: fglrx is set to gain hd decode acceleration in the (near?) future, so we'll have an option. R/RHD should focus on energyman's points first (esp. power management), wait for the hd dust to settle and then implement acceleration.

If it happens like this, the only people affected are:
1. amd users
2. who want to watch hd content
3. and don't want to use fglrx

Sorry, but I find it reasonable that you won't be able to have all 3 together in the near future. Agd5f explained the reason.