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Thread: Will Tux3 Soon Enter The Mainline Kernel?

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    Default Will Tux3 Soon Enter The Mainline Kernel?

    Phoronix: Will Tux3 Soon Enter The Mainline Kernel?

    As of late, file-systems have been a popular topic among Linux developers and users. The EXT4 file-system was recently stabilized and it brings some modest performance improvements and is finding its way into modern distribution...

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    What would the advantage be of using Tux3 over Ext4 or Btrfs? I know Ext4 is the new stable FS choice and Btrfs will be the new hotness once it's all ready to go, but why would I go with Tux3 instead of the other FS choices?

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    AFAIK, Tux3 is going to be a lighter and faster fs rather than a feature-packed-fs-that-has-many-unneeded-features-for-most-end-users

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    That's the vibe I'm getting too.

    Ext4 = legacy design, solid codebase.
    Btrfs = crammed full of every feature that Oracle could imagine.
    Tux3 = features equivalent to ZFS, but lighter weight than Btrfs.

    Tux3 is still very early in development, though, so we'll have to wait and see how it ends up doing. It's been really impressive how fast they've got the basics working and it seems clear that the main designer had some clever ideas and knows what he's doing. But there's an awful lot of resources going into Btrfs and if they can make it run well enough there might not end up being a good reason to use Tux3.

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