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Thread: Bad linkage in articles - intentional?

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    Default Bad linkage in articles - intentional?

    when reading the Article about AMD releasing R600/ R700 example code, I noticed how badly the linkage in Phoronix articles is.
    I was desperately seeking some trackback links, but I could not find any.

    Not that there were no links in the article - there were plenty - but they all referred back to Phoronix. In the case of "Alex Deucher" to some meaningless search page at phoronix instead of his Website.

    Could you please improve that?

    You can take a look at its the same news on a german website. You dont have to understand what they write, just look at the links in the article.

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    Yeah, please improve the links in your articles. I find this the single most annoying thing about Phoronix.
    If you need more examples, have a look at this article from ars technica.

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