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Thread: Improper use of the word 'had' in articles

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattst88 View Post
    I think that we could agree on a simple fact: the writer of articles published for profit should be held to a higher standard than the lowly forum member.
    Publish for profit? Seriously, Michael isn't in this for the money. On a good month he would break even. If you think you reap in cash from flash ads your sorely mistaken. Michael goes through a lot of hard work maintaining this site not to mention being a major supporter of various other projects. He's basically a one man show.

    We have all found issues ranging from grammar to spelling to other errors in the articles. To err is human. With the pace of that Michael keeps up with current news it's amazing that there are not more mistakes. The forum is a place for feedback and features you would like to see but taken in context it's referring to the content and not the minor grammatical errors that seem to bother you so much. You even make a point of comparing them to the ads in their "annoyance" factor.

    Go back and read your last paragraph in your first post and tell me it does not come across as a bashing of the site. Your annoyance only had to be noted once throughout the entire post, it went from starting off as constructive criticism to degrading into a plain old bitch session.

    BTW you have another spelling mistake in that as well. The word is ads, one d not two.
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