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Thread: RV600, OpenCL, ffmpeg and blender

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    Default RV600, OpenCL/Gallium, ffmpeg and blender


    My head is now close to bursting with API acronym overload so I was hoping I could just describe to you guys what I want to see my Linux box do and just how far off we are seeing this happen.

    My laptop has a Mobility Radeon HD 2400 so of course I was very excited to see the recent open X driver code drop as well as the announcement of OpenCL as I'd really like to see ffmpeg and/or mencoder being able to harness my GPU to greatly accelerate video encoding and rendering.

    I understand the drivers are dev only at the moment and we'll need to wait until at least the next big xorg release before mortals can get open source RV600 accel without rolling there own and hoping for the best but how does opencl fit into this? I presume that opencl can work independently of X seeing as it isn't just for accelerating graphics so am I right in thinking that first someone needs to write an opencl driver for RV600? Is this already being worked on?

    Then of course someone needs to update ffmpeg so it can take advantage of opencl- has this work already begun or are there no opencl drivers finished yet?

    Then what about blender? Is blender just going to be running straight on top of gallium or gallium and opencl or?? I know gallium isn't finished yet so I would imagine no work has been done on blender yet to get it playing nice with gallium right?
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