First off hello Phoronix members. Great sight, with very insightful threads!

I am having a difficult time deciding on the right AMD CPU for a new build. I have lost touch over the last few years on processor specs and performance and can not find a good link to save my soul with a roundup on AMD procs.

System Specs so far:
Usage : SOHO - Video (playing/editing/creation), Picture (editiing), Small business apps (calendaring, email, financial, small database usage, etc), Virtualizaton (win xp - to run specialized software for example to interface a blackberry)

OS : Ubuntu 8.10 then 9.04 and onward
Mem : 4 GB
Video : Nvidia 9600gt
Monitor : 19" widescreen
HDD : 7200 SATA II 750GB
Processor Price : $150 or less - can spend more for a good price/performance break point

What are some thought for a CPU. I would like to stick with AMD and have some muscle to spare as I am sure that the usage demands will grow for this system. This system will do very little gaming if at all so I am thinking a good quad core is the correct choice but am not sure on what chipset to go with as I am not too familiar with the latest AMD quads and triple cores.