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Thread: A New Year Brings A New NVClock Beta

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    Default A New Year Brings A New NVClock Beta

    Phoronix: A New Year Brings A New NVClock Beta

    It has been nearly a year to the day since the release of NVClock 0.8 Beta 3, but a fourth beta has finally been released. Last month we shared that the NVClock developer was in need of GeForce 8/9 help and the Phoronix community then came together and provided more than 70 posts of debugging information and related. Thanks to the community support, the fourth NVClock 0.8 beta brings improved GeForce 8/9 support, initial GeForce GTX 200 series support, smart dimmer support for a number of new laptops, video BIOS parsing fixes, fan-speed adjustment support on newer NVIDIA GPUs, improved thermal monitoring support, and various other fixes. Let's just hope another beta or final release of NVClock 0.8 will not be another year out...

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    Please test the new version as good as possible, so that the next version will be a lot better. If you have suggestions for new features also mention them.

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    openSUSE packages are on the Packman repo.

    How about profiling support per app. like games and such for AA AF etc? Also a option to log temps to a file in the gui? I also already mentioned the vdpau info to ya in irc.

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    Don't you think linking against vdpau lib is a bit bad for packageing? It would not run without em.

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    Right now I'm showing gl info, I'm not linking against libGL

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    thx for posting this info

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