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Thread: VIA Pushes Out A Few More Driver Patches

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    Default VIA Pushes Out A Few More Driver Patches

    Phoronix: VIA Pushes Out A Few More Driver Patches

    Late last month the open-source community was presented with Chrome 9 series DRM support as the first step in providing 3D acceleration for these VIA IGPs atop a free software stack. Today we have been greeted with more patches from VIA's Bruce Chang. The patches submitted to the DRI-devel mailing list fix a system hang with multi X support, fix a system hang issue caused by 3D scaling+ACPI, and address a segmentation fault when playing video with AGP after resuming from the system suspend mode. These VIA driver fixes will likely find their way into the Linux 2.6.29 kernel...

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    Way to go VIA! I hope these will get merged with Thomas Hellström's recent work.

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