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    Quote Originally Posted by MartjeB View Post
    Why? If another driver can create 2 independent screens, then it means it's not shared, right?

    Shared = same screen on both outputs
    The HD3300 graphics chip can only support two monitors the reason that you have three connectors on the back of your motherboard is so they don't have to supply a DVI->VGA adaptor. So your chip looks like:
    |   H    |      ________DVI
    |   D    |-----|
    |   3    |     '--------VGA
    |   3    |
    |   0    |
    |   0    |--------------Display port
    The DVI and VGA are connected to the same "port" on the chip and so can only display the same image. Hope that helps.

    Edit: you need to get an adaptor like and then use display port + dvi/vga to get the two monitor setup working.
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