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As far as I've seen, with 6.10 you cannot use a dual core processor and NVidia's official drivers because you have to install a different kernel that doesn't support it. To me thats just unsatisfactory, and I'm going back to SuSE most likely to finish out my 1 year SLED License and find something else.
Actually this is not the case... dual-core support is available in Edgy (just like any other distribution) by installing the SMP kernel (just like with any other distribution):
1. Open Synaptic
2. Check the box next to linux-686-smp kernel
3. Click Apply

Do you mean that the SMP kernel is not loaded as the default kernel? That's a different situation (that many would say is not a problem).

As for Nvidia drivers not working with a dual-core processor in Edgy, I have not found anything saying that is the case... I'd be interested in seeing some threads or links on that.