Hey all,

Yet another one of my 'Why?' questions, but this is one I have been pondering for a while. There's no doubt that Ubuntu and it's varients are an extremely popular choice for people. Accoring to DistroWatch, it's the most commonly used out of any other.

The question is though... what is it about Ubuntu that draws people in? Up until the other day, I wasn't that familiar with Ubuntu at all, but I figured due to it's popularity, that it was a good 'noobs' distro. I have to admit, I was wrong for the most part.

I was helping a complete Linux noobie, and recommended him Ubuntu. Well, in the course of a few hours, he ran into so many issues... such as trying to install the NVIDIA driver, and even Firefox. I was also surprised to see that no kernel source code is included in the install, but requires a seperate download through the package manager. In the end, I now realize that you do have to have some Linux sense to use Ubuntu on a day to day basis. Unless it's just that Dapper is problem ridden... because I was surprised to see how many problems this guy ran in to... as I was helping him along.


So why is it that Ubuntu has blown into such a popular distro? I just fail to see how it has advantages over some others out there, so I am curious.