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Thread: WINE 1.1.13 Brings More 64-bit Work & More

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    Default WINE 1.1.13 Brings More 64-bit Work & More

    Phoronix: WINE 1.1.13 Brings More 64-bit Work & More

    In their usual bi-weekly dance, the WINE community has this afternoon released a new version of this software that allows Windows programs to run on Linux. Delivered in WINE 1.1.13 is startup notifications, many fixes for 64-bit application support, improved graphics support in Internet Explorer, various Richedit improvements, and better certificate manager dialog...

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    when can i finally host wc3 without having to manually apply the patch!?!?!?

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    Maybe when bugzilla becomes more of a tool for developers to discuss acceptable solutions instead of a tool for users to repeatedly express how important this one bug is to them.

    Have you tried PlayOnLinux? It makes it relatively simple to run multiple versions of Wine (eg one that's patched a particular way for an application).

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