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Thread: Attention all seagate 7200.11and Barracuda ES.2 drive owners

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    Default Attention all seagate 7200.11and Barracuda ES.2 drive owners

    Pretty critical situation here. As some of you may have heard owners of Seagates 7200.11 drives have been coming across a pretty nasty issue where turning off a machine for a while and then turning it back on could cause the drive not to be seen by the system anymore. Seagate has issued updated firmware for these drives and if you are unfortunate enough to have one having this issue they are even willing to do FREE data recovery off the drive.

    More details and what models are effected are here:

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    Seagate offers the "DriveDetect.exe" Windows program to check the exact model/rev/firmware of your drive. Under Linux, you can simply get all information with the "hdparm" utility (should come pre-installed on most Linux distros, if not, it's in your Distro's repositories).

    Issue the following command as root:

    hdparm -I /dev/your_hard_drive
    (For example, "hdparm -I /dev/sda" if /dev/sda is your Seagate drive.)

    You can do this while the drive is actually used. You don't need to unmount anything and it's perfectly safe. It's a read-only operation.
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