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Thread: Celeron T1600 (1.66GHz) not scaling

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    Default [solved] Celeron T1600 (1.66GHz) not scaling

    Hi guys, I need a little help here. I bought a new laptop (Compaq CQ60-210TU) that has a celeron 1.66GHz dual-core cpu. When I load the cpufreq selector applet in gnome it comes up telling me that cpu scaling is either misconfigured or not supported. I've tried looking over at the ubuntu forums (i'm using 8.10, all up to date) and there's nothing about this. What can I do?

    Edit: Solved it by loading p4-clockmod and NOT acpi-cpufreq. For some reason the older module (p4-clockmod) works but the new one doesn't.
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