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Thread: Suggestion for downloading packages.

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    Default Suggestion for downloading packages.

    Why not have the ability to use aria2 if it is found on the system? This can drastically speed up download times if aria2 is used.

    Advantages are:

    • downloading from several mirrors at the same time (so it also makes you faster)
    • automatically noticing mirror problems, and resuming from other mirrors
    • simultaneously downloading via Peer-to-Peer (BitTorrent)
    • error checking for transferred data is not only done in the end - but already during downloading. Each part of the file which has arrived is already checked, and if it’s found to be broken, it is scheduled to be refetched from another mirror.
    • creating a local *.asc file which contains the cryptographical signature which can be used to verify the authenticity of the file
    • automatically noticing if a server supports metalinks (if not, it will just act as “normal” download client)
    • being robust against all sorts of network failures
    • avoiding head-scratching of its user
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    So how does the torrent end of aria2 work? Can you can continue to seed after the download or what sort of functionality is there? Can you use a normal torrent client?


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