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Thread: Multi-Pointer X Support For GTK+

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    Default Multi-Pointer X Support For GTK+

    Phoronix: Multi-Pointer X Support For GTK+

    Multi-Pointer X support won't be enabled by default in the forthcoming release of X Server 1.6 even though it landed in the mainline code-base last year. This technology to allow for multiple input devices to be used on Linux simultaneously will not be enabled by default until X Input 2.0 arrives with X Server 1.7 later this year...

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    This is cool. I wish some nice manufacturer would send people like Carlos some multi-touch hardware which can work with Linux.

    Does anyone know if the QT guys are working on similar support?

    It sounds like the majority of the stack will be ready to take advantage of this at roughly the same time.

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    In future it will be easy to play war vidoes-games. You will just put your 10 finger on the head of enemies et PAF PAF PAF, the room are clear.

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