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Thread: for man who search woman

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    Post for man who search woman

    You search woman? I'm single woman and i search man my mail: ludochekmy()
    I'm blond, 32y.old. If you search woman for pen pal and more write to me
    and i can send to you my new pics and tell more about myself.
    I use () instead @ for my email. I post this message from this forum because
    i don't have credit card and can't use dating site. If you want find a friend please
    write to me i am very lonely girl.
    I wait your message to my email: ludochekmy() Ludmila

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    How often do you recompile your kernel? Usually that burns away my loneliness.

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    This seems very suspicious.

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    One day I'll reach Alaska, or die trying!



    Diz is Mr.1c3d0g of Nigeria,

    I've come to tell ya m'am that I need your urgent assistance about some banking matters.You see, my dear friend John,whos related to the King of Nigeria recently received some GREAT sum of money. Teh problem iz that he cannot take it out of the country as he's currently arrested on some minor charges.. You can help me get that money by wiring a SMALL sum to my bank to take care of the taxes. Please contact me at: I_AM_A_STUPID_WHORE@YO_MAMA.COM to receive further instructions. I await your e-mailz.

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