This is a Kommander frontend for ATI fglrx video card driver utility "aticonfig".

It can be used to configure the newly installed fglrx driver, setup tv-out and different screen configuration options. It also reads and displays the fglrx configuration from /etc/X11/xorg.conf file.

It is tested on Ubuntu Dapper Drake (6.06) system with fglrx 8.26.18 version, but should also work with older fglrx versions, that provide "aticonfig" utility. I created it since I found that fglrx-control gui tool, installed with fglrx driver, is constantly diminishing in features and basically useless.

IMPORTANT: fglrxkonf has to be started as root to work. You can use command line command "kdesu kmdr-executor fglrxkonf.kmdr" to start it.

Please send comments or bug reports to the author of the program. I could enhance the program to use more of aticonfig options, but I will need volunteers who would advise me on the use of aticonfig. I can use it just for setting up TV-out, eiter in single head clone mode, or dual head.

Has anyone tried this out? Any thoughts?