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Thread: Blu-ray Focus Grows Within FFmpeg Project

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    Default Blu-ray Focus Grows Within FFmpeg Project

    Phoronix: Blu-ray Focus Grows Within FFmpeg Project

    Earlier this week Google had published their list of 2009 Summer of Code projects and FFmpeg was among them. Last week we published an interview with the FFmpeg developers where we learned more about their v0.5 release and other topics like OpenCL, Blu-ray, and multi-threading...

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    Even though I don't own a Bluray drive, I'm very happy to read this news. If there is 1 opensource project that deserves all my respect, that is FFMPEG.

    THANKS GUYS. Without your work, a lot of players and video-editing tools wouldn't exist.

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    Yes, it will be very interesting how user friendly ffmpeg can make the AACS and BD+ DRM. Because it is nasty right now.

    The way AACS works is a cat and mouse game, where hackers have to find the latest Processing Key or Device Key in either a software player like PowerDVD or a hardware player, so the content on the discs can be decrypted.

    So as mentioned there will be some sort of flat file database of AACS keys.

    Besides the legal issues, another concern will be duplicated work done by DumpHD and FFMPEG that have to be maintained

    So it will be very interesting how FFMPEG will deal with BluRay, HOPEFULLY FFMPEG will use libbluray.

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