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Thread: FGLRX Catalyst and Resizing with Desktop Effects

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    Exclamation FGLRX Catalyst and Resizing with Desktop Effects

    Many users, including myself, have experienced the following problem: resizing windows with desktop effects (kwin, compiz, compositing, etc) turned on is excruciatingly slow. But for the most part, other operations are snappy and ordinary. Resizing windows with desktop effects turned on is painful.

    Many have simply said "oh this is an unfortunate driver bug and you'll just have to wait until ATI fixes it," but I am not satisfied with this lackluster response. Sure it's a driver bug, but it seems so dire that there must be some work around, some fix, some anything to make window resizing acceptable.

    Many have "suggested" a few of the standard flags for xorg.conf that are generally used to speed things up, but these suggestions are just guesses and after reading through countless forum posts, it seems like the usual bag of tricks won't work to fix this horrid resizing bug. And assume that disabling desktop effects is out of the question.

    So Phoronix forum members, I look to you for help: how can I have desktop effects and resizing with acceptable speed? I would like to both have my cake and eat it, so to speak. What shall I do?

    Other failed forum attempts so that you don't repeat false solutions:

    gentoo linux
    xorg 7.4
    xorg server 1.5.3
    fglrx 9.1
    kde 4.2
    qt 4.4.2
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