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Thread: CSX 3GB DDR3-1600MHz Memory

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    Default CSX 3GB DDR3-1600MHz Memory

    Phoronix: CSX 3GB DDR3-1600MHz Memory

    Unless you are located in Germany or some other parts of Europe, chances are you have never heard of Compustocx. Compustocx, or CSX for short, is a German manufacturer of system memory modules for computers and is one of the largest memory upgrade providers for Apple computers. CSX has also ventured into producing solid-state drives, audio products, and FB-DIMM memory. Recently though we were asked by a US representative for Compustocx to look at one of their newest DDR3 memory kits, which we gladly accepted. The RAM we are testing out today is the CSX 3GB DDR3-1660MHz (CSXO-CEC3-1600-3GB-3KIT) memory kit.

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    Interesting numbers. They say more about the applications and the processor than they do about the memory...

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