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Thread: how to get XV, DRI working on HD 3300 (rv620) ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by bridgman View Post
    I don't understand the comment about "KWin can't enable desktop effects". This is already working for a couple of KDE 4.x users. There is an "Advanced" button you need to click in order to reach the dialog where you can choose XRender.
    I know that. As I said None of the options in the "Advanced" tab make any difference. Choosing XRender and clicking Apply just gives "Can't enable desktop effects" error. It is the same With OpenGL mode. But if I check the "Disable functionality check" and choose Opengl, it enables Desktop effects but as it is in software rendering mode that I understand, none of the windows can repaint, the whole desktop turns grey. But it does't lock up becouse KWin reverts changes in about 10sn, because I cant click the keep changes button as it didn't painted on screen

    Good to hear that accelleration support basically works on your machine! I too experience the slowness of scrolling but without screen corruptions. Well, there's at least no mess on my screen without the working drm module
    No there is no working Accelleration for me here, at least I can't call this messiness Acceleration Maybe I can upload a video to then you can see how it works on my machine

    Edit: I took some screenshots about the corruption.

    This is what happens when you move windows around. This should explain how terribly slow window paintings are.

    these are screenshots:

    And this is my xorg.0.log
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