HI! After thinking a lot about this (and also chating with cxo on the irc channel) I decided to post...

The idea is to have a binary library on top of the opensource driver, which would have all the special top secret features into it, developed by AMD/Ati.

This binary library would be completely optional but it would benefit both, AMD/Ati and also the opensource community. This would speed up the driver development (and indirectly the implementation of GEM/TTM, Gallium, DRI2) giving us a stable driver that has compatibility with every distro and AMD/Ati would be able to create this library on top it and bring advanced features to every user.

This features would include OpenGL 2D/3D optimization routines for workstation users (mainly FireGL cards), also UVD Accel for normal users and maybe a fast implementation of OpenCL on top of Gallium.

I have also asked Bridgman about this on the "Ask ATI" dev thread .

Source of the idea: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel_GMA#intel_hal.so

Well, thanks for your attention, Phoronix rocks!