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Thread: Catalyst 9.1 won't remember big desktop setting

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    Question Catalyst 9.1 won't remember big desktop setting


    My dual display system keep resetting to clone mode every time I reboot. I have to open Catalyst Control Center and change it go big desktop everytime I login. Otherwise the dual display work fine.

    Does anybody know how could I keep the big desktop setting permanent? I try "aticonfig --initial -dtop=horizontal --overlay-on=1", but it doesn't help. "aticonfig --initial=dual-head" put the system in another mode which I cannot move windows between display.

    FYI, the GDM login screen seems to startup in big desktop mode. But when I logged in, the display always switched to clone mode.

    I'm running Ubuntu 8.10 AMD64 on AMD 780G chipset. The ATI driver shipped with Ubuntu also does not remember dual display setting

    Thank you!
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