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And who will fix Wine to run better on non-NVidia cards? Currently, the only things missing from Wine is the "NVidia: The Way It's Meant To Be Played" logo.
thats not true.

i watch wine on ati carts over more than a year now.

they fix ati problems.... and makes thinks better..

but.. yes ATI carts lags support...

DX7 game works well (testet OFP and 3dmark2000 and 2001)

DX8 games works well to 3dmark03 works well only litle problems grafic errors in 1-2 scenes.. i also test chuhulu dark corner of the erd.

DX9b works well to--- 3dmark03...

DX9c do not work.... becourse Opengl2.1 do not have extansions for this..

wine uses nvidia only extansions for dx9C....

but now opengl3 is there.. and wine starts to fix that with opengl3 exstanions..

and so one.. for now nvidia wins.... in the future ATI will work to..