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Thread: Disable TV-out in xorg.conf?

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    Default Disable TV-out in xorg.conf?


    I'm using recent drivers/kernel/xorg with modesetting and GM45 and most of the time TV-out ends up being detected and set up as active. That confuses GDM and Gnome completely (first won't display across the whole screen, latter doesn't stretch gnome-panel correctly).

    The solution would be using xrandr to disable TV1, add a mode to LVDS1
    and then switching resolutions once, so that the panel stretches across the whole screen again.

    I see that this is a driver bug which in fact doesn't detect TV-out correctly. So I've been wondering lately if there was a way to disable TV-out per default in xorg.conf.

    Any hints?

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    Read 'man intel' and create a proper monitor section for the TV with the ignore option.

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