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Thread: sound card, what to buy?

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    Default sound card, what to buy?

    Im planning to get a new sound card, I have been the happy owner of an old Soundblaster Audigy during 4-5 years but now is time to sell it before it breaks. So, Im looking for options between 20-30 euros, PCI or PCIe 1x and good Linux support. I have read that X-Fi lacks such support and a friend told me that ASUS have some new, interesting models. What con you recommend me?

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    I am having major problems with an ALC883 on a Sapphire motherboard that is recognized as valid hardware but unclaimed by modprobe (i.e. no hda-intel codec). There are 22 options for alsa-base which didn't seem to work for me. I spent about a week trying to get a work around.

    I made a bug report at which appears to be sitting idle. I upgraded to alsa 1.0.19 and got the same results.

    The audio on my HD3450 is recognized but I don't have HDMI audio gear.

    I solved the problem by dusting off a PCI Audigy card from my scrap pile.

    I only have audio break up problems at 100% CPU usage, other than that pulse audio is perfect in Jaunty Alpha 4.

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