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Thread: Catalyst 9.2 Released, Still Fails To Deliver XvBA

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    Quote Originally Posted by NSLW View Post
    Funny drivers There is so much bugs and everybody waits and they only fix the minor things. There is only one i can say:

    Choose nvidia, have no problems I did so, now it's you turn ...
    One cannot always choose that easily.. I have nvidia on some machines, and I'm very pleased with that. The ATI-card is in my work laptop, and it's a Lenovo that I really like, and I chose it because it's generally nice Also, Lenovo's nvidia-offerings were few and far apart at the time (couple of years ago, I guess).

    However, life is not care-free with nVidia binary driver. Look at nvnews-forum, and you'll see quite a lot of people having problems with nvidia as well. I have another laptop with a nVidia GeForce Go 6600 in it, and only just now, with the latest 180.29-driver, and after quite a few years(!), are things working without any significant problem (except for VCs getting garbled beyond recognition when X initializes , and xrandr shows no available resolutions except flat panel native). Luck, if you can call it that, most definitely plays a role with nvidia-hw+Linux as well.
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