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Thread: Linpus Linux To Launch QuickOS Next Week

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    Default Linpus Linux To Launch QuickOS Next Week

    Phoronix: Linpus Linux To Launch QuickOS Next Week

    DeviceVM's SplashTop Linux environment (which we were the first to exclusively share) really was revolutionary in pushing the "instant-on Linux" theme as it was able to boot to its desktop in just a few seconds. Since then we have seen the emergence of Phoenix HyperSpace and other products that target netbooks with near instant-on capabilities. Traditional Linux distributions have also been focusing on improving the start-up time such as Ubuntu, Mandriva with Speedboot, gOS on a new quick-boot OS, and many others...

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    CeBIT has bit, but still no sign of QuickOS?

    Are there any other distros that aren't tied to specific hardware that have a boot time that can rival QuickOS or Moblin?

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    I did not see how fast it could boot. I only got a test cd from CeBIT but that did not work correctly on real hd. Installer ran an Intel G31 board, but was not able to boot. Maybe only running on Atom, no idea...

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