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Thread: Gallium3D, EGL Now Buildable On FreeBSD

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    Default Gallium3D, EGL Now Buildable On FreeBSD

    Phoronix: Gallium3D, EGL Now Buildable On FreeBSD

    Most of the development efforts within the X.Org and Mesa ecosystems are done on Linux so at times the other supported operating systems can vary when it comes to the level of support -- some features may not work and some code may not even build. For instance, it was not until this morning that the few hooks needed for BSD support in the Gallium3D code-base were added.Benjamin Close had submitted four patches (now found in Mesa's master Git tree) to add Gallium3D support for BSD operating systems, with testing done on FreeBSD...

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    The security-oriented OpenBSD developers in particular want kernel mode-setting so they can begin running the X Server without root privileges.
    This would be excellent. I know that many Linux users and developers would love to have this as well.

    Can anyone tell us what else is required before the xserver can be run without root privileges?

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    Default This is great to hear!

    This is definitely good! The more platforms using Gallium3d (or any core technology) the better... more developers, more bug fixes, more enhancements, more tuning.

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    Credit also goes to Robert Noland involving mesa/drm, thanks bro. Btw xorg-server-1.6.0 went final, woot.
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