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Basicly you just said NVIDIA is ahead. Also there is no good reason why AMD hasn't done what NVIDIA did. Conclusion: NVIDIA is ahead.
If you wanted a system where the kernel is open source, the middle is a big blob and you can run open source applications on top, we already have it. It's called a Mac, and they're much better at it than nVidia is.

Of course AMD can do as nVidia did and make the whole X server into some half-proprietary hybrid but it'd be costly, not open source friendly and most of all way outside what a hardware company should normally do to deliver a driver. If they just wanted to throw a pile of money at it to take the Linux market they could, but then they'd probably also have to go closed source to get an ROI on that investment.

I use nVidias blob but I don't like depending on a blob, and I sure don't want the blobs to grow taking over for more open source functionality. I'd much rather they helped make xserver better so that I don't have to run the blob. Yes, please improve the parts nVidia is overriding but please also keep it open source. I think there's a lot you could help the open source community with without giving away any of the secret sauce...