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Thread: CrossOver Games 7.2.0 Released

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    Default CrossOver Games 7.2.0 Released

    Phoronix: CrossOver Games 7.2.0 Released

    It has been a number of months since CrossOver Games was last updated, but this morning CodeWeavers has issued a new update for this software based upon WINE that allows gamers to run their favorite DirectX and OpenGL Windows titles on Linux. CrossOver Games 7.2.0 has a fix when running Steam with Compiz, improvements to the City of Heroes game, formal support for SPORE, improved support for World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, and improved support for the latest version of the Steam client. Beyond that, CrossOver Games 7.2.0 is running on a new version of WINE and there are also a number of DirectX improvements that is supposed to improve the experience on a number of games...

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    Default Oh sweet

    I actually did get a Lame Duck Serial for crossover....

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    Great job, keep it up and thank you. Yeah, me too got a serial but never used it. Also I believe they make significant contribution to improving wine.

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    hi there can you please tell me where i to download the latest release of crossover with the serial. can i play cabal online using crossover? thanks.

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