After switching to xorg-server-1.5.3 on gentoo, I have made the horrible discovery that NONE of the driver versions that work with 1.5.3 support powerplay on my mobility X1300 (on a Thinkpad T60) anymore (which has worked for me flawlessly in the past). Trying to change the powerstate completely garbles the display and hardlocks the system most of the time. Even worse, trying to start X while on battery equally hardlock the system, making it impossible to boot on battery.

I have managed to work around this by setting the key DALPowerPlayOptions=V0 in /etc/ati/amdpcsdb which seems to completely disable powerplay. However, as this is a laptop, disabling powerplay is not really an option. So: has anybody encountered the same problem and found a proper fix? Or, even better, is there any statement from the official side (bridgman) on whether this is a known bug and will be fixed?

I would love to use the opensource driver as an alternative but, unfortunately, it is currently unable to vsync and doesn't improve things battery-wise (together with slower rendering).