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Thread: Graphics Card for Rs480 chipset

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    Default Graphics Card for Rs480 chipset

    Ive read a lot about the issues concerning about gfx card for RS480 chipset. Im a little confused, so need some help
    I have AMD64 3000+(939) CPU and MSI RS480 M@-IL ATI RAdeon x200 series computer.
    I want to buy a graphics card and my options are ATI x1300 and NVidia 7300. Will the(or any other in the same budget) Nvidia card work on my mothernoard?
    Or should I get the ATI card, but i heard driver support is not great in Linux. I have successfully installed the drivers on my current onboard gfx card, so i donno how far this is true...
    My primary OS is Ubuntu Dapper and Fedora 6 sometimes.

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    Welcome to the forums.

    If you're satisfied now with the drivers using your onboard graphics card, then that is great and you can likely install a new ATI graphics card without even reinstalling the driver.

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