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Thread: Specifying a Configuration "Strength"?

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    Default Specifying a Configuration "Strength"?


    I don't think I need that many different resolutions of SPECViewPerf or that many different lengths of Stress-Test. Is there a way of specifying a strength to a test like (Small|Medium|Large|all)? Say I only need to run in 1024x768 for all graphics test to give a general overview. It would be nice to be able to scale this idea to all of the test that run many passes at different "sizes."


    PS. I did try to search for these topics and read the docs. Thanks for humoring my several questions back to back.

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    If you run:

    phoronix-test-suite default-run (or default-benchmark should work too) and then the test name, it should use some default values of the test options and not prompt you. Perhaps that might work for your purposes?

    Otherwise you could easily create your own suite of options (phoronix-test-suite build-suite).


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